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It's Magic: More customer value thanks to digitization


3 Hours 10 Minutes

Session 1: Innovative ways for control centers

Customer and installer behavior is changing very quickly due to digitalization. Increasingly, you want to engage with control centers online and through self-service channels.

Control centers need additional capabilities and technological options to support this change and the associated increase in digital interactions between customers and installers. Moving from analog alarm transmission to digital, automated alarm management and transitioning to the digital customer or installer engagement through innovative platforms means enormous opportunities for advanced control centers.

Session 2: Security chiefs demand integrated security solutions

Integrated security solutions in today's digital world help organizations improve risk management and reduce costs. In this discussion, we will highlight what innovative-thinking security leaders expect from future solutions and what added value they will bring to the table. Interacting alarm systems, video management systems, and access control solutions is a crucial success factor.

The speakers

Peter Monte


Sitasys AG

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Lukas Kaiser


Sitasys AG

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Darian Haun

Sales Representative


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Peter Fey

Executive Board Member


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Malte Hollung

Sales Representative

Eagle Eye Networks

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