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Virtual SMS Receiver

Convert any SMS into alarms or events in evalink.

The Virtual SMS Receiver integration allows you to convert any SMS into alarms or events in evalink. SMS can be authenticated via generated tokens or a group of authorized senders.

The Virtual SMS Receiver is ideal when you need to quickly trigger an alarm on the go, or in the case of legacy technical equipment, which has one single functionality: to send an SMS to a specific number in case of malfunction. For example, when the cold chain of cooling equipment in a warehouse is damaged, an SMS will automatically be sent to evalink, which will trigger the appropriate workflow actions.

  • Trigger alarms and events from legacy systems with no other means of connectivity
  • Automatize the process of conversion of SMS into alarms
  • Ensure conversion of text messages into alarms or events and assignment to a specific team who will follow the appropriate escalation procedure
  • Notification

On evalink side:

  • evalink subscription
  • Twilio account

On Twilio side:

  • Twilio account