Virtual Fibro Receiver
Last updated on June 1, 2024

Features & Capabilities

The Virtual Fibro Receiver manages and monitors incoming connections from DSC Fibro Panels. It retrieves alarm- and technical messages coming from DSC Fibro Panels.

  • Manage and monitor connections from DSC Fibro Panels according to EN 50-136-1/3
  • Receiving alarm- and technical message from DSC Fibro Panels according to EN 50-136-1/3

Virtual Fibro Receiver evalink compatibility


DSC Fibro

Flexible Secure Communications Protocol (DSC Fibro); an IP-based communication protocol for DSC Fibro Panels

DSC Panel

Intrusion detection controller that retrieves signals from different intrusion sensors to create alarm and technical messages.


European standard, specifying general requirements for alarm transmission systems


European standard, specifying requirements for Receiving Centre Transceiver (RCT).