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Sitasys and Partizan built new integration, improving alarm verification with automation and enhanced video analytics
Avatar Anne-Lise Guilleux
Anne-Lise Guilleux
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Sitasys and Partizan level up alarm management and video analytics with a new integration: Partizan for evalink helps control centers be more aware when processing alarms from Partizan CCTV cameras.

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A range of new insights to make better decisions

The convenience of evalink automated and customizable workflow engine helps operators precisely understand what happens when an alarm triggers. Rather than relying on the signals of "blind" sensors, the modern Partizan CCTV equipment's motion detection feature now promptly detects an undesirable presence view range of the CCTV camera.  

The Partizan integration for evalink allows control centers to analyze video from Partizan's CCTV cameras from a single platform.  

Openness to Partizan software systems 

Integrating Partizan with evalink is a significant bonus for end-users of video surveillance services. They also have access to the Partizan Cloud archive repository, where video from the site is stored securely. Additionally, users can easily access recorded data. In particular, the Event Gallery with push notifications becomes available in the Partizan application. Pictures with "alarms" are instantly received, not only by the employees of the monitoring service but also directly by their clients. 

Additionally, the possibilities of Partizan Cloud Link technology allow users to connect instantly to the monitoring service via a link with a unique access code. They do not require a static IP (Internet Protocol) address on their site or facility. Video data is sent in encrypted form via HTTPS. 

Greater ROI for security businesses 

The plug-and-play approach of the integration allows any end-user to receive alarms from Partizan CCTV cameras in only a few clicks in evalink. Integrating video monitoring services with Partizan software and equipment for evalink becomes a powerful level-up for ARCs and their operators on many levels. This innovative technology leverages the ease of connecting sites and generates new sales opportunities for control centers.  ⁠ ⁠

Check out the integration on the evalink marketplace.

"Basically, we were looking for an integration that would help us handle and process camera alerts through our cloud. That was done. From my side, it looks good, and to be honest, your software is the best monitoring software I've seen." - Eugene Diatlov, Co-Founder & CTO at Partizan.

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