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As the highest certified cloud-based alarm
management platform, we only work with
trusted technologies.
Kasten, der den Status der evalink-Plattform, der evalink-API und eines Drittanbieterdienstes anzeigt, darunter ein weiterer Kasten, der den Betrieb von evalink anzeigt, mit mehreren grünen und einem gelben Balken dazwischen.

More than 99,95 % uptime

The microservices-based architecture and strict monitoring of all application processes guarantee an uptime of our services of more than 99.95%. This makes us a reliable partner for the critical needs of the security industry.

AWS-Logo und ein roter Mauszeiger, der einen Workflow des Alarmmanagements neben dem Foto eines Sicherheitsexperten darstellt, der an mehreren Bildschirmen arbeitet

Securely managed cloud

evalink operates a fully managed platform. Continuously monitored by our skilled and educated security engineers.

  • ISO 27001 certified
  • Geo-redundant architecture
  • Optional two-factor-authentication
  • Frequent updates and feature releases
Our certifications
Logo Brand Compliance ISO 27001:2017

Brand Compliance

Our Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) follows the rules of the ISO 27001:2017 certification. It is important to us to highly secure our and our customer's data. Therefore, we take data security just as seriously as the physical security of our customers.

Logo SQS Zertifiziertes Managementsystem ISO 9001


With the ISO 9001:2015 Certification, we guarantee to follow the rules for Quality Management System (QMS). As a technology-leading company within the security industry, we actively observe new trends and adapt quickly to market changes. We assure you that with our customer focus and a high transfer rate of knowledge within our company.

Logo VdS Vertrauen durch Sicherheit

EN Standards (VdS)

VdS is one of the world's most renowned and prestigious institutions for corporate security and safety, specializing in fire protection, security, and natural disaster prevention. evalink is certified EN50518, EN50136-1 and EN50136-3.

Logo VdS Vertrauen durch Sicherheit

EN Standards for Transmitters

EN Standards are technical voluntary specifications defining requirements for products, production processes, services or test-methods. EN Standards ensure compatibility and interoperability of components, products and services.

Logo VdS Vertrauen durch Sicherheit

"We got to know Sitasys as an innovative Swiss company in the field of cloud-based alarm management systems. It is fascinating to see how the entire security chain can already be automated intuitively, to a high degree and securely with evalink services."

Sebastian Brose,

VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH

Platform operations

evalink is built on a microservices-based architecture that runs perfectly in our secure cloud infrastructures. Our platform has a geo-redundant setup with self-healing capabilities.

  • Graphic of 3 blue figures with a sign in the foreground carrying a red checkmark

    evalink is certified to the highest standards of the security industry. Our ISO 27001 certification gives you the additional guarantee of secure handling of your data and information.

  • Graphic of 3 blue figures with a sign in the foreground carrying a red checkmark
    Security team

    Our professional teams follow established and proven processes to ensure the highest level of security and platform availability. Regular training ensures up-to-date knowledge of technology and security topics.

  • Graphic of blue binoculars with red highlights facing the viewer
    Service Level Agreement

    Our SLA allows you to check evalink's performance at any time. Continuous monitoring detects any anomalies at an early stage, which prevents evalink from any possible incidents.

Junge Mitarbeitende spricht in einem Kontrollraum in ein Funkgerät. Im Hintergrund sind mehrere Bildschirme mit Überwachungsmaterial zu sehen.

Software Developement

Our development approach follows a rigorous and proven documentation process and is driven by the following factors:

  • Customer centricity
  • Development excellence
  • Application of modern development methods like Scrum, Agile
  • Continuous training
  • Team approach

Our technology partners

Logo AWS


As an official AWS partner, we are closely connected to the technology leaders in cloud storage and computing. With AWS, we get the highest quality of cloud connection, with high redundancy and the most sophisticated server infrastructure in the world. This guarantees that evalink is always at the forefront of technology and keeps up with future developments.

Logo Twilio


Twilio has democratized communications channels like voice, text, chat, video, and email by virtualizing the world's communications infrastructure through APIs that are simple enough for any developer to use yet robust enough to power the world's most demanding applications. With its robust and secure technology, Twilio defines the standard for digital communication services.

Logo Zoho


ZoHo is one of the biggest distributors of CRM-related software with 60+ million users around the world. It delivers a vast amount of interconnected solutions with the possibility to learn more about customers and their behavior.

Logo Slack


Slack ist der Knotenpunkt, um die richtigen Menschen, Informationen und Tools für einen optimalen Arbeitsablauf zusammenzubringen. Als die weltweit führende Kollaborationssoftware schafft Slack die ideale Umgebung, um Teams und Aufgaben zu verbinden.

Logo Angular
Logo Ansible
Logo C++
Logo Docker
Logo Embedded Linux
Logo GraphQL
Logo Kotlin
Logo Raspberry Pi
Logo Spring Framework
Logo Typescript

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