Manage alarms
with ease

Connect systems and grow your alarm monitoring center with a highly automated alarm management platform.

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We manage the technical complexity for you

Operator handling alarms in an alarm monitoring center, with an infographic showing how incoming alarms can be managed using the evalink smart automation engine

Save time with the help of automation

Our smart automation engine lets your alarm monitoring center focus on customers' needs. Highly efficient processes and digital communication channels optimize your collaborations. Unlock time for your important tasks!

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Integrate a wide range of systems

The ability to integrate protocols, video management systems, and access control is critical to your alarm monitoring center.

Take advantage of our marketplace, which includes a variety of integrations from leading manufacturers.

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Get rid of the technical complexity

Let us take care of the technical complexity for you. Get your evalink account and let your alarm monitoring center benefit from the great usability and wide range of integrations for your daily business.

Infographic showing a growing graph, a pie chart, and an alarm bell icon, and text boxes saying "194 Sites for Sitasys training", "4 False Alarms today", and "Status: Perimeter active"

Future-oriented solutions

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Software as a Service (SaaS)

evalink is a certified and fully managed platform. Bring more reliability, security, and transparency to your alarm monitoring center than is possible with on-site solutions.

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Know your customer

Make real-time decisions based on data and serve your customer better than ever.

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Cutting-edge technology

Stay ahead of competitors effortlessly with our microservice-based software architecture. We deploy feature updates every two weeks.

Infographic displaying evalink's ease of data migration using a platform screenshot and a sheet symbolizing customer data

Migrate easily

Don't worry about data migration. With the help of dedicated scripts, we can easily transfer your existing data to evalink. Our professional team will support you during the migration.

Infographic symbolizing the incoming notification "alarm system not armed" in evalink


Automate tasks and create smart workflows

Open alarm management platform

evalink enables you to receive almost every signal standard as an alarm source – from devices and protocols like IoT to Z-Wave.

Smart workflows

Use workflows that automate repetitive processes and tasks. Create scenarios triggered by different security systems.

Call extensions

Automatically notify the right teams in your workflows via SMS, automated calls, text-to-speech, push notifications, and more.

  • Graphic with two blue and one red boxes connected by arrows and representing predefined workflows
    Powerful workflows
    Increase the operational efficiency of your alarm monitoring center and the quality level of alarm management. Everyone can create workflows.
  • Big red "+" symbol dividing a room into 4 fields: in them are (in blue) a person, a coin, a clock and a light bulb
    Less resources
    Optimize your assets and budget. With fewer employees and lower staff involvement, you can reduce the number of human errors to near zero.
  • Graphic showing a stylized blue magnifying glass that magnifies a red eye
    Highly valuable insights
    Make better-informed decisions based on condensed data. Embrace artificial intelligence to make your job easier and manage the growing complexity of your security operations.
  • Clever graphic of a blue power cable curled up in an almost closed circle, with a red "play" symbol inside it
    Plug & Play
    Cumbersome installations have become a thing of the past. From now on, all you need is a browser. All on-site communications and tests are handled automatically and remotely.
  • Graphic of a pair of blue hands, embracing a red icon that is half world-wide-web symbol, half screw
    Cutting-edge technology
    Let your alarm monitoring center be one step ahead of competition with certified cloud-based technology and a SaaS model. evalink provides an ecosystem that offers exceptionally high modularity and scalability.
  • Graphical display of 3 blue dollar bills, and a red staple of coins
    Lower investments
    Get started instantly without investing in hardware. Improve your end-customer relationships and boost the business development of your alarm monitoring center.
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