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Physical security

4 ways to future-proof your retail security system

4 Jan 2023

Unified platforms, smart alarm verification, and video analytics are here to improve store security and streamline security processes. Which are the features that make your retail security system future-proof? Find out.

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    Partner news

    Sitasys AG + Eagle Eye Networks announce new integrated security solution for Protectas

    7 Apr 2023

    The cloud-to-cloud integration between Eagle Eye Networks and Sitasys AG connects Protectas' Security Operations Centers with automated video detection to carry their intervention services across Switzerland.


    New Year. New Website.

    23 Jan 2023

    Hello 2023, hello 2.0! Just for the new year's start, we launched a new website. Here's what awaits you.

    Physical security

    4 ways to future-proof your retail security system

    4 Jan 2023

    Unified platforms, smart alarm verification, and video analytics are here to improve store security and streamline security processes. Which are the features that make your retail security system future-proof? Find out.

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    Physical security

    How to embrace the digital transformation of physical security in retail?

    1 Dec 2022

    What does the profound digital transformation mean for retail? Find out how the use of AI in physical security helps you better secure and future-proof your store.

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    Video surveillance

    How adding video surveillance powers up your security alarm system

    4 Nov 2022

    If you're looking for a way to protect your business better, combining your security alarms with video surveillance is the way to go. Here is why most security leaders and their organizations today rely on cloud-based video management systems.

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    Access control

    How to pick the right burglar alarm system for your business?

    17 Oct 2022

    No company can afford to leave its most valuable assets, such as inventory and customer data on office computers, unprotected. Burglar alarm systems are the only way to protect and secure a property from intruders. Therefore, getting the right system should be a priority for every business.

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    Digital transformation

    Efficient Alarm Management System: Fully Managed, Automated, Integrated

    8 Sept 2022

    How can you make your daily security operations more efficient? By using an efficient alarm management solution that is fully managed, automated, and integrated. Learn how modern platforms like evalink talos work.

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    Celebrating 10 years of Sitasys: Thank you.

    16 Aug 2022

    While Switzerland celebrated its anniversary on August 1st, 2022, Sitasys entered its birthday month. And this year, we're not just celebrating any birthday – it's the 10th anniversary of our company.

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    Smart Alarm Management

    Alarm (Mis)management: 5 steps towards real change in control rooms

    7 Jul 2022

    Understand the best practices when checking the healthiness of your alarm management and how you can start the journey toward a successful transformation.

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    evalink marketplace

    Sitasys and Partizan built new integration

    21 Jun 2022

    How do video analytics level up alarm management? Learn why Partizan for evalink talos is the must-have integration for control centers to be more aware when processing alarms.

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    evalink marketplace

    Ajax photo verification is now integrated with evalink

    14 Jun 2022

    Better insights into the on-site situation and easier alarm verification? Check out Ajax photo verification: Integrated with evalink talos, it attaches images to the Ajax alarms - and more.

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    Integrated Security Solutions

    The Internet of Things (IoT) – How it is paving the way for integrated security solutions

    6 Jun 2022

    What does the Internet of Things signify for the security industry? This article explains how IoT is paving the way for integrated security solutions.

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    Integrated Security Solutions

    How Integrated Access Control Systems Benefit Businesses' Security Operations

    30 May 2022

    How can security professionals combine and leverage multiple data sources to improve their physical security capabilities? How can integrated security solutions solve numerous security challenges simultaneously?

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    fire alarm system mounted on wall
    Fire alarm

    How to choose the right fire alarm system to better protect your business?

    9 May 2022

    Get a better understanding of fire alarm systems and how to choose the one that best suits your business and protect it in the most efficient way.

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    Artificial Intelligence

    How Artificial Intelligence empowers Security Professionals to take their service delivery to a new level

    25 Apr 2022

    Security Professionals all across the security industry are increasingly embracing artificial intelligence (AI) - So, how exactly has AI improved security?

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    Smart Alarm Management

    Cloud vs. On-Premise Alarm Management: Choose the right system for your Service Operations Center (SOC)

    13 Apr 2022

    Cloud vs. on-premise alarm management: Which is the right system for your Service Operations Center? Read on.

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    Integrated Security Solutions

    Security Information And Event Management - The future of business network security?

    3 Mar 2022

    To protect your business from security threats, you need the highest level of internal awareness. Regardless of the size of your organization, streamlining your security workflows is essential to mitigate IT security risks and manage ever-evolving threats, regulatory compliance, and reporting. How can SIEM help your business?

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    Partner news

    Brivo + Sitasys AG announce integrated security solution partnership

    2 Feb 2022

    Read the full Press Release here.

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    Smart Alarm Management

    Security Management: 6 must-have features of a modern security system

    9 Jan 2022

    The future of security management is connected. Management solutions experts keep on pushing across the Internet. But what makes a sound security management system? Read on.

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    Smart Alarm Management

    Why it's time to change the way control centers manage alarms

    16 Dec 2021

    This blog article breaks down 5 of the most common problems control centers and shows their impact on security businesses' efficiency. Read how they can be measured and solved..

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    Digital transformation

    Innovative ways for control centers at the evalink Online Conference

    26 Nov 2021

    It was magic! The third edition of the evalink Online Conference explored the latest trends, technologies, and solutions in alarm management with top industry experts. Are you looking for a recap?

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    screenshot ipad with guide

    A guide to the digital transformation of emergency and service operation centers

    11 Nov 2021

    This guide explains which service operations center a modern alarm management platform is suitable for and gives you a guide for deciding for or against an alarm management platform.

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    How Dalko provides better experiences to Danish security professionals with evalink

    1 Oct 2021

    The service-first security company Dalko expands the digitalization of alarm transmission and customer relationships to Denmark by introducing evalink: the more flexible, cost-effective, and simpler alternative for alarm dispatching made for security professionals.

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    Partner news

    evalink teams up with Brivo to manage physical security the simplest way

    26 Jul 2021

    As an integrated security solution, the two cloud-based platforms evalink and Brivo joined forces. The result? An integration that takes physical security to a whole new level.

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    Smart Alarm Management

    Digitalization of alarm management, what does it mean?

    15 Jul 2021

    Explaining the value of digitalization for the security industry, this blog article elaborates on the meaning of cloud-based alarm management platforms and their advantages.

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    Smart Alarm Management

    6 reasons to choose evalink for your next alarm management system

    21 Jun 2021

    What makes evalink so unique? Discover 6 good reasons that will make you want to choose evalink as your next alarm management platform.


    The evalink ecosystem

    7 Jun 2021

    This blog explains how the evalink ecosystem helps businesses, alarm-receiving centers, and installers by covering the whole chain of their security operations' needs.

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