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The need for automation in facing IoT signals

Within the next few years, we will see many sensors, signals, and actors through IoT devices within the industry, smart homes, smart cities, medicine, and other fields we might still need to consider. All these connected IoT devices will send a vast amount of information to be analyzed, processed, and smartly allocated to the right place at the right time. We will need an intelligent system to route these signals automatically and intelligently, filter the non-important noise, and only focus on the critical signs. This game-changing development will significantly impact how we process signals and set up our systems to activate the correct responders. New technologies and market players will enter the signal processing and forwarding field. They all will have the target to satisfy their customers in common by managing these signal overflow and only showing what is important to them.

"Digital Transformation is one of the most exciting experiences I have had in the Security Industry. Digitalization supports the alarm receiving centers, installers, and alarm panel manufacturers because of new business models, simple processes, and customer proximity." - Peter Monte, CEO of Sitasys AG.

Satisfy your partners with a simple, effective, and intelligent alarm/signal routing

Within the rather conservative alarming industry, this development allows us to win on safety by leveraging these new possibilities. With these pieces of information and actors that were nonexistent before, we can now process alarms more efficiently and filter natural hazards from false alarms. We let security companies focus on the real threats and liberate them from thousands of false alarms and hundreds of inefficient working hours through these new possibilities. We even go a step further and give our customers the option to use IoT integrations and let them set up a system that decides on its own and does all the necessary measures to process the alarm. We use the power of automation and the possibilities of IoT devices to give our customers freedom, efficiency, and a way to get the signal to the proper responders. All these steps are transparent and monitored, so the user still has complete control and sees what his system is doing.

"With the upcoming of more and more signals and information through IoT devices, I see the need for a smart, simple, and automated way to route this information to the right people just in time. Our hosted solution evalink provides this range of new opportunities directly to the customers today and will grow in the following years due to its open architecture." - Peter Monte.

More than just routing, a solution to connect to the correct responders

As our signal processing and allocating alarm software grow, we experience the potential of even deeper connected integration, especially out of the alarming field. The potential is vast, and software that can combine many different signals and let them communicate with each other is highly demanded. Today we have many protocols and a fragmented environment with various applications and a lot of pain on the customer's side to harmonize everything. When we did build our evalink platform, flexibility was the target number one. We bring these different protocols together with our open solution and let them communicate directly and smartly. By building evalink talos, we were thinking more about connecting and communicating with IoT devices that already exist or will pop up in the future rather than just limiting us to the alarming industry. In conclusion, we will see a spike in signals and information from IoT devices within the next 12-24 months and a solid need to process all of this. If we don’t want to be overwhelmed by this vast amount, we need a filter to handle these signals smartly and take off the pressure on the signal responders.

About Switzercloud

Switzercloud is an IoT platform from Brunata AG, a pioneer in deploying IoT devices across Switzerland. Brunata AG develops IoT solutions and accompanies companies with digital change from the beginning. The focus is on the development of innovative end-to-end solutions and customer-specific consulting.

As a digital marketplace for all types of IoT solutions based on an ecosystem approach, the Switzercloud is an IoT hub that takes care of the safe operation of the application. On the Switzercloud, open and technology-independent applications for the Internet of Things (IoT) run under the smart-anything approach. The Switzercloud processes and stores all data exclusively in Switzerland and offers the highest possible security and availability. Be it for Smart City, Smart Light, Smart Home, or Smart Anything.

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