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The evalink ecosystem
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evalink: Integrated security solutions designed for business efficiency

The evalink ecosystem brings businesses, alarm-receiving centers, and installers the right digital tools and applications to cover the whole chain of their security operations' needs. Its founding building blocks combine innovative technology and allow efficiency to ensure that assets and people are better protected worldwide.

  • evalink alarm management: Fully managed and cloud-based alarm management platform to automate workflows and daily tasks
  • evalink marketplace: Integrations made to connect existing security systems with evalink talos' automation technology
  • evalink installer portal: All-in-one platform to connect alarm panels with monitoring centers
  • evalink devices: A product line of reliable hardware for alarm transmission, remote access, and data interfaces 

The evalink ecosystem simplifies the security operations management within a unified experience across all applications. Let's take a tour. 

evalink alarm management: Automated and cloud-based alarm management platform made for all businesses

evalink is a cloud-based alarm management platform born out of the need to democratize alarm management worldwide with a better user experience. Through its multi-sided platform and safe self-service infrastructure, evalink brings together the power of workflow automation and intelligent integration systems with a unique value proposition. 

As the world's first end-to-end certified cloud platform, evalink is designed to safely and securely support many customers with enough flexibility and scalability to reinforce their growth. The platform, which has an underlying cloud infrastructure, is built so that customers can focus their time and efforts on making their core business processes more efficient without worrying about complex IT requirements or relying on costly external hosting. 

The power of automation technology allows customers to save time processing alarms. evalink's open architecture supports almost every standard signal from devices and protocols, effortlessly setting up communication between different systems.

The platform is changing how installers connect alarms with receiving centers. The one-stop-shop solution allows the purchase of devices, connection of sites, and transmission testing – all from one digital platform. evalink gives installers an easy and quick way to connect new sites in a few clicks. Installers spend less time on administrative tasks and have more time for customers. 

Integrating the evalink TNA devices seamlessly, evalink is a convenient solution built to support business growth and streamline communication between installers and their clients. 

evalink marketplace: Integrations made to connect existing security systems with automation technology

The evalink marketplace is a convenient way to integrate existing security systems with automated workflow technology offered by the evalink talos platform. It allows users to fully embrace the evalink ecosystem experience by integrating alarm panels, notifications, receivers, video management, access control or guarding services, and more within the evalink talos platform.

Our marketplace completes the evalink ecosystem by integrating with the rest of the business security system to fill potential gaps in the services and products. The value-added network of partners and collaborative systems fulfill our customers' needs for easy migration to a digital alarm management solution. The evalink marketplace enables businesses to add additional features or modules that can be smoothly plugged into the current processes. Its focus on a "digital-first approach" makes businesses more organized and competitive. 

evalink devices: Transmission hardware and connectivity made for any application

We developed the TNA series to ease the installation of transmission devices by combining automatization and high-security transmission in a seamless experience. Fully integrated into evalink, the evalink devices are an essential part of our ecosystem. They connect alarm panels with many alarm-receiving centers more straightforwardly than traditional commissioning applications. While the ipTNA4i is the most certified and modular alarm transmission device suited for high-security applications, the TNA Connect offers a more compact and affordable alternative hardware suitable for technical alarms. 

Understanding that today's world is powered by AI, big data, and new technologies, the evalink devices answer the market need for more security, reliability, and flexibility in alarm transmission and monitoring. Because of the deep bond within the evalink ecosystem, evalink devices will continue to integrate support for even more systems, e.g., building automation - all around the world. 

Security solutions built for the future of alarm transmission and management

We developed our ecosystem to simplify thousands of businesses' processes and daily work. Thereby, we want to support their success and growth. The ecosystem's components coherently integrate and interact with one another in the most comprehensive environment. Businesses can easily combine them with the rest of the systems they already have in place.

The evalink ecosystem empowers businesses to be more goal-driven and productive while reducing time-consuming human labor. In short, evalink combines trusted technology, communication, and people working together toward a safer world. 

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