Let’s automate security
with passion - together.

We work to simplify processes, make security more
efficient, and enable our customers to grow their
businesses faster. The security of people and
assets is more critical than ever. Let's create
a safer world for everyone.
Lukas Kaiser, CPO of Sitasys AG, gives a presentation for security professionals at the event "SICHERHEIT im Umbruch"

Unlock your potential and build great security services with us!

At Sitasys, we are enthusiasts with a deep-rooted passion for innovation. 10 years ago, we started disrupting the security industry - and we haven’t stopped ever since. On the contrary: it's full speed ahead! With our breakthrough alarm management platform evalink, we democratize security. How? By developing technology that instantly provides the right people with the right information in urgent situations.

Graphic of a blue light bulb consisting of four puzzle pieces, the fourth is red and is being added

Trust is one of our core values. That’s why we also put trust in every individual team member. You know best when to take a break and when you are the most productive.

Graphic of a woman working on a laptop at home with a cat walking on the desk
Daily remote

evalink has gone digital since day one. To work for us means joining a remote-first culture. We cherish the benefits of choosing our desk locations – so work happens where you are!

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Our teams reflect the rich diversity of our world. We strive to create conditions to give everyone with an equal opportunity to thrive.

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Better together

We work in small teams of 2-5 members. This allows everyone to feel seen and to communicate openly. By combining the skills of each individual, we come up with the best ideas.

Graphic of 4 people with different hairstyles, the front one is red, the others are blue

We don't insist on hours to be worked - the output is what makes you an important member of the team.









We are looking for you!

Do you want to be part of the team that is building the world’s best platform in the security industry? Then let's talk!

You are very welcome if you:
  • Prefer working remotely
  • Enjoy communicating and value collaboration
  • Want to leave a lasting footprint
  • Respect your colleagues and support their ideas
  • Have confidence in your skills and be accountable
  • Like working in small teams
  • Are comfortable with working asynchronously

We're always open for talents

Send us your spontaneous application, and let's chat - we'd love to hear from you.

Our benefits for you
  • Graphic of a woman working on a laptop at home with a cat walking on the desk
    Full-time remote

    We work best when we feel comfortable in our space. Choose your own!

  • Graphic of a blue rocking chair symbolizing retirement, a hand is adding a red coin to it
    Pension fund

    Because we really care about you – even if you might leave one day.

  • Graphic of 3 blue persons, the front one wears a medal with a red star
    Work with top talent

    Isn’t that amazing? One of us holds the world record in programming.

  • Graphic of a blue envelope containing a bundle of dollar bills
    Competitive salary

    We pay a fair and competitive salary based on your position and experience.

  • Graphic of a person with broken arm wearing a bandage, in the background is a briefcase
    Accident insurance

    For the hopefully never occurring case if knocking on wood is not enough.

  • Graphic of a person with glasses working on a laptop
    Hack nights

    Learn and develop new ideas with your peers in our fun & fast-paced hack nights.

  • Graphic of a work table with a plant and a big screen on it
    Co-working spaces

    Whenever your home office gets too lonely - we saved a desk for you, anywhere in the world.

  • Graphic of a blue smartphone with a red dollar sign on it and a red check mark next to it
    Phone subscription

    Your phone contract is on us. And no, you don’t have to be available 24/7 in return.

  • Graphic of a blue person running with a red arrow upwards
    Personal development funds

    We invest in our people. Each team member has a budget for individual training.

  • Graphic of a blue laptop with red sparkles
    State of the art technology

    You work with state-of-the-art hardware as well as the latest tech stack and communication tools.

  • Graphic of a blue sun bed with a big money sack on it and a red parasol
    5-week for vacation

    We value your energy. That is why we give you some extra time to recharge.

  • Graphic of a blue bus with red highlights
    Free SBB Half Fare

    Benefit from reduced travel costs – at one of our rare office days and any other day.

Photo: Boris Stern, Anis Mungapen, and Robbert Vrolijk from Sitasys AG pose smiling, and with thumbs up at the "Security Essen" trade fair

How you become a team member

Our application process is neither stressful nor long. It’s all about learning to know each other, getting mutual insights, and finding out if it’s a match.

  • Graphic of black CVs with blue highlights and a magnifying glass
    1. Review

    We first review your application for skills, experience and values. Sometimes we will reach out with additional questions or ask you to send us some past work related to the role you are applying for.

  • Graphic of an e-interview: an applicant is interviewed by video
    2. E-Interview

    We will first meet virtually in a video interview to talk about evalink, the role, and your profile and answer your questions. For certain tasks, we will assess your skills through a technical exercise to learn how you approach tasks.

  • Graphic of a person appearing in a magnifying glass, blue checkmarks next to them mean they are qualified for the job
    3. Team interview

    Then, you'll meet with members of our leadership team to learn more about the culture at Sitasys and give them the opportunity to find out what values appeal to you most.

  • Graphic of a black envelope with a blue job offer inside it
    4. Offer

    When we agree with a candidate, we will make an offer. Once you have accepted the offer, we will prepare your onboarding plan for the corresponding position.

evalink voices
Photo of a happy evalink team taking a selfie at an after-work team building event
"Sitasys is a company that inspires me because it's forward-thinking. I like the mindset and culture. Being part of a passionate team that gives its best to open a new world of endless possibilities for security professionals and bring forward new technology gives me a real sense of belonging."
Anne-Lise Guilleux,
Brand & Communication Manager