Why evalink

There are some strong reasons why customers choose evalink

We're pretty confident there are more than the ones
displayed below. However, based on what our
customers tell us, here are their main "whys"
for choosing evalink.
Infographic showing security cameras and access control connected to the evalink alarm management platform

Here for the future

We know that a key reason for your decision for an alarm management system is the future-proofing of the technology. For this reason, we have built evalink on a micro-service architecture - flexible to adapt to your changing requirements, secure in its basic structure, and with a future-proof technology foundation.

This way, we ensure that evalink will continue to add value to your business - today, tomorrow, and 10 years from now.

Infographic compiled from a transparent screenshot of the evalink platform, the certification logos of SQS and Brand Compliance (ISO 27001:2017), the symbol of a sign with a lock, and a photo in shades of blue of a control room operator working on multiple screens

One ecosystem for all your business needs

We understand the value of interoperability and are committed to it - that's why we've built an entire ecosystem, not just a single service. Our modular system covers the entire security chain and provides a solution for almost any existing security environment.

3 client profiles stacked on top of each other with a photo of a team shaking hands and laughing in the office

More than a solution –
a companion

It's not just the capabilities of our platform - we take a holistic approach. We see ourselves as part of the security industry and are constantly trying to develop it further. Participate in industry associations, in continuous exchanges with other partners, or in developing solutions based on your customer feedback. We are only successful when we achieve the results you are aiming for.

Stylized graphic of the evalink platform showing alarm management statistics and diagrams surrounded by logos of partners, memberships, and integrations (SIA, Twilio, VdS, Webhooks, Alarm.com)

Inte-GREAT to exceed basic

For us, a holistic approach to security also means that data can flow seamlessly from one solution to another. To do this, we have developed an ecosystem that provides stakeholders with the right information in real time. Coupled with strong analytics tools to support the continuous improvement process and various integrations to connect your existing systems.

What does this mean for you? Deeper insights, more informed decisions, and more relevant and accurate results.

Screenshot of the evalink platform with 3 sites open, a fourth is being added by a red mouse pointer, this site has a surveillance camera and a fire alarm panel

It’ll save you time.

Time is our most valuable resource. That's why one of our most important tasks is to help you free up time so you can focus on what's really important to your business.

Intelligent automation also frees your employees from monotonous, time-consuming tasks and allows them to generate more revenue for the company. Plus, the way we automate tasks not only saves you time but also makes you work more efficiently and less prone to errors.

Photo of a businessman and a businesswoman gesturing at each other in a warehouse, with the VdS and Brand Compliance certification logos next to them and an overview of four sites open in evalink

We won't be happy until you are

Our technology may be best in class, but it's the caring people backstage our brand that makes the real difference: One of the best compliments we consistently receive is about our strong customer support, which will make you feel right at home.

We always communicate at eye level and pride ourselves on providing you with high-quality, customized services. With that, a smooth-as-can-be onboarding of evalink is guaranteed.

AWS logo and a red mouse pointer setting up an alarm management workflow next to a photo of a security professional working on multiple screens

Trust guaranteed

Providing reliable services has been our top priority since day one. Since then, we have spared no expense or effort to gain and maintain your trust: We conduct regular tests and audits, continuously train and test our staff and hardware, and work exclusively with top-notch technology so you can feel secure at all times.

The result? We're certified to the highest standards in the security industry and are proud to be the only end-to-end certified cloud-based alarm management platform in the world.

We are driven by these core values

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    Innovation / We are innovators

    What gets us up in the mornings is our obsession with digital transformation and technology that allows us to build processes differently. Our team spirit is driven by forward-thinking and a hunger for innovation: We change the way alarm management is done. With our evalink ecosystem, we live our passion for making a difference and truly impacting the way security teams work.

  • Graphic of two hands holding each other with a red check mark on a blue sign above it
    Trust / We build trust

    We care about transparent processes and are proud to have long-term relationships with our customers. To guarantee that we're a trustworthy partner in your journey towards safer and more efficient security operations, we are certified as the highest-certified cloud-based alarm management platform.

  • Graphic of a blue arrow pointing to the right with 3 smaller red arrows in its trunk
    Simplicity / We make things simple

    We care for all our customers and partners and want to empower any security professional that wants to offer fit-for-future solutions. Everything we do is focused on saving time for everyone in the security value chain and making processes simpler and more efficient. For us, a good day ends by having made life a bit easier for you.

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