Enable connectivity
for any application

Our devices act as gateways to connect your devices and buildings securely to the evalink platform.

evalink device graphic with security icons (intrusion alarm panel, fire alarm panel, access control, thermal security sensor), transmitters, and a photo of security professionals working on multiple screens

Ingest data from anywhere

Infographic showing how alarms incoming from intrusion panels, access control, and camera systems are sent to the evalink alarm management platform

Connect alarm panels easily

Our certified transmitter fits perfectly into any alarm or fire alarm control panel. The alarms are sent redundantly and encrypted to the evalink platform. Now you can forward alarms as desired.

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One hub to connect them all

The TNA is the talent when it comes to connectivity.

Thanks to integrated protocols like MQTT, Modbus TCP, or Serial Forwarding, you can connect almost any system to it. This includes devices from the industrial automation sector like PLCs, sensor values from IoT devices, etc.

Infographic showing an evalink transmitter that connects a site securely to the evalink platform on which enabled integrations, networks, and installed modules can be viewed

Secure and reliable connection

Our device models are dual path capable and connect your site safely and securely to the evalink ecosystem. Thanks to AES-based encryption and permanent supervision, you securely deliver all your alarms to the receiving center.

Infographic showing how a new site can be added in few steps only

Simple setup process

Forget about difficult and time-consuming commissioning processes. Setting up a TNA from start to finish can be done in a matter of minutes.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Centralized administration platform
  • Configuration from anywhere
  • Enabling/disabling integrations (i.e. MQTT) with a single click
  • Secure remote firmware upgrade
  • Information about in-/outputs and 4G signal level

Which product suits your needs?

  • Photo of evalink ipTNA4i alarm transmission device

    evalink device: ipTNA4i

    The certified and modular alarm transmission device for high-security applications.

  • evalink device: TNA Connect

    The modular alarm transmission device for IoT and technical applications.

  • Graphic of a blue certification badge in the center of which is a red check mark in a circle
    Certified transmission
    The ipTNA4i is certified according to EN 54-21, EN 50136 and VdS.
  • Graphic of a blue active transmission device with red signal waves above it
    Easy set-up
    Setting up a TNA is very easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. All you need is (at least) one connection to evalink to be able to configure a TNA. If you're on site and are unable to do that due to issues you can as well connect locally to the TNA to set it up.
  • Clever graphic of a blue power cable curled up in an almost closed circle, with a red "play" symbol inside it
    The TNA features many integrations and protocols like MQTT, which makes it the perfect player to forward signals.
  • Graphic of a blue smartphone with a blue text message bubble and a red ringing bell
    TNAs are built to be used in many different applications, and decide what configuration you require. Both our device models are available as built-in (PCB only), standalone (plastic housing), and with or without a 4G modem. In addition to that, various kinds of accessories are available to enhance the possibilities further.
  • Graphic of a blue world-wide-web globe and a red computer screen
    The TNA can be set-up and configured from anywhere. In addition to that it can act as a gateway for you to remotely access devices that are connected to it, for example the alarm panel or any other Ethernet enabled device.
  • Graphic of blue binoculars with red highlights facing the viewer
    Two Devices: One goal
    Even though the ipTNA4i and the TNA Connect are based on different hardware platforms, around 98% of the feature set is the same. When you are experienced in installing the certified ipTNA4i, achieve precisely the same with the cost-optimized TNA Connect in different applications - no time wasted in learning yet another configuration philosophy.

Our TNAs are being improved continuously

  • Graphic of a blue calendar that has a red star at a certain date

    Release notes

    We're constantly working on making the TNA more powerful and enhancing its feature set. The Release Notes contain information about all changes so you can get the information you need before you perform an update.

    View releases
  • Graphic of a blue hand shaking a red one (only outlines)

    Customer stories

    Read about how others have achieved great things with their TNA.

  • Graphic representing the evalink blog - blue outlines of a laptop that has the words BLOG written on it


    Expand your horizon and grow your expertise with evalink insights, news, guides, tutorials, and blog articles.

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  • Graphic of a red square and a blue Wi-Fi symbol

    Virtual Receiver

    Connect alarm signals without the hardware hassle

  • Graphic of a blue bell that has two red lines on both sides symbolizing movement

    Alarm Management

    Access and manage all alarms in one place

  • Graphic symbolizing forwarding by means of two blue items and a red arrow

    Virtual dispatcher

    Forward alarms precisely to the right recipient

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