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How Dalko provides better experiences to Danish security professionals with evalink
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Dalko ApS, an acronym for "Dansk Alarmkommunikation," is a service-first security company to expand the digitalization of alarm transmission and customer relationships in Denmark. Founded by Kim Hendriksen in June 2021, Dalko was born out of the pursuit of innovation and progress. By introducing a more flexible, cost-effective, and simpler alternative for alarm dispatching to the Danish market, Dalko, in close partnership with Sitasys, makes life easier for installers, alarm receiving centers (ARCs), and end-users in Denmark.

evalink: The all-in-one and customer-centric platform built for efficiency

Before evalink, an installer had to call the alarm receiving center multiple times when commissioning an alarm to check if the alarm transmission test had been successful. Danish installers and ARCs can now save a lot of time in their day-to-day operations by using the event logs to check which actions and circuits are already closed and which are still open. "It's a time-saving system for everybody, even though it's straightforward. It's a managed platform; they don't have to manage it on their own; we are doing it for them", says Kim Hendriksen, CEO & Founder of Dalko. "I always get the most compliments around how easily usable it is. How intuitive the evalink system is, both for ARCs in terms of understanding what we send, and intuitiveness of how to install it." Any security professional can commission alarms now with Dalko and evalink because it's so easy to use the platform.

With the gradual shutting down of the 3G network in Denmark, now was the opportune time to launch evalink live in Denmark – after all, there are thousands of connections that need to be switched over anyway. Undoubtedly, this circumstance has helped Dalko gain a foothold in the market in just five months.

Dalko with evalink is helping Danish installers grow

But even more importantly, Dalko is gaining more and more ground throughout Denmark. With evalink, Dalko offers Danish installers the opportunity to get more control and liberty in the system. How? They expanded their role from being the sole seller of alarms and yearly service agreements to providing the actual alarm transmission. Also, they can finally troubleshoot potential connection issues without involving a third party, which they have never been able to do before. As their clients' single point of contact for all three services, installers intensify their relationship and closeness to their customers. "As an installer, you always want more time for your clients. Instead of arguing with the clients about issues with the system, you want to be able to talk to your clients about how to improve your relationship all the time. That's one of the things you get with a system that works", says Kim.

What makes Danish end-customers love evalink

Before choosing to go with Dalko and evalink live, end customers often asked themselves, "Am I calling the provider of my alarm transmission or my installer?" when connection issues arose. This question becomes obsolete with evalink, as the installer is the same person as the alarm transmission provider. That way, end customers can profit from a chain of command and communication that is easier now with Dalko.

Interestingly, coming in about 40% cheaper than the conventional solution in Denmark is just considered a bonus, a nice add-on among Danish end-users. What effectively convinces them to adopt evalink is the undisputed strength of the product, alongside the fact that they reduce their administrative workload by now receiving only two invoices instead of three. In addition, Danish customers appreciate the idea of new technology, convenience, forward-looking nature, and ease of access for all who need it. Who wouldn't want to be one of the pioneers when something is so promising?

Building a bridge between installers and ARCs: Dalko with evalink

As Kim has many years of experience working in Danish ARCs himself, he can tell firsthand that internal processes in ARCs can be rather tedious at times. This fueled his desire to do things differently and better as a partner of Sitasys in Denmark. Before evalink, the installer and the ARC were under the mercy of a third-party transmission device and its protocol. Removing this dependency and building a bridge between installers and alarm receiving centers, Dalko can now give the ARC what it wants in signal reception with evalink.

Danish ARCs can now get a more transparent system that allows their employees to understand the signals sent effortlessly. Moreover, the signs can precisely formulate how the ARC wants to receive them. The communication path is also simple compared to most conventional alarm transmission systems: Depending on the instructions given to the ARCs, there is always only one of two options; either contacting the customer or the installer.

Another thing evalink live is appreciated for in Denmark is that it can use other systems seamlessly. "Almost everybody, regardless of which company they're in, whether it's a big or small ARC, there is always something that we can do, what they can't: Maybe it's a little thing with video, or calling out with Twilio. We have all these integrations – this is our strength", says Kim.

Making the world a safer place, together

The good news of Dalko bringing evalink live to Danish grounds is spreading like wildfire in the network of Danish ARCs, fire departments, and municipalities of all regions and sizes, and equally fast amongst installers. This is due to Kim's extensive network throughout the Danish security industry. Dalko leverages Sitasys' 40 years of experience and expertise in security to bring a resilient and forward-thinking security solution to Denmark. Because of the speed at which the word is spreading in Denmark, Dalko will have to expand its scope by adding more local experts to the Danish team in strategy and operation. Dalko and Sitasys will continue their close day-to-day collaboration to make the world a safer place together.

Are you interested in building more for your security operations and customers in Denmark? Learn more by visiting www.dalko.dk or contacting Dalko today to book a demo by emailing info@dalko.dk or calling +45 44227447.

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