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Introducing Node-RED Integration: Connecting (almost) any device to the evalink ecosystem.
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The Node-RED integration on the TNA Connect V2 allows you to connect even more devices, protocols, and APIs to the evalink ecosystem seamlessly.

Why Node-RED?

Node-RED is a versatile and user-friendly interface that simplifies the integration and automation of devices and protocols. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can easily create custom workflows and automation rules to process data on the device.

With its integration into the evalink ecosystem, you can use the TNA Connect V2 with Node-RED to process large amounts of data locally and escalate data of interest to evalink talos, our alarm management platform.

Access a wide range of technologies in one place

With Node-RED, you can integrate various technologies and devices very simply. Node-RED connects:

Sensors: Environment, temperature, pressure, humidity, brightness, digital inputs, buttons, door & window sensors, people presence, water leak sensors, energy/power meters, etc.

Smart controls: Switches (relay/remote), dimmers, lights, valves (water/gas), locks, HVAC, smart plugs, etc.

Protocols & interfaces:

- Automation: BACnet, OPC UA/DA, Modbus TCP/RTU, KNX, RS-232/RS-422/RS-485, IoT, MQTT, ZigBee, Z-Wave.

- General: (REST) API, SNMP, ICMP, WebSocket.

Real-world applications

With Node-RED for evalink, a new world of integrated security systems opened.

Industrial automation

  • Process data from various PLCs and other connected systems.
  • Monitor production lines and present vital information on a dashboard.
  • Provide relevant data in case of an incident.
  • Open doors remotely to allow access to intervention services.

Smart buildings

  • Adapt lighting to environmental conditions, such as turning off or dimming lights when no one is in the room.
  • Notify personnel if sensor values exceed set thresholds, like temperature limits in a server room.
  • Display crucial information like temperature and energy consumption on a dashboard.
  • Control HVAC systems for optimal comfort and efficiency.

Protocol converter

  • Receive and process data from various protocols.
  • Convert data according to your needs and send it to other systems.

IT Automation

  • Ensure network availability and proper operation using SNMP and ICMP.
  • Integrate with a vast array of services via REST API.
  • Automate repetitive tasks such as log file scraping and notify personnel of anomalies.
evalink device connectivity schema with node-red

Why choose evalink with Node-RED?

The Node-RED integration brings a new level of adaptability and intelligence to the evalink smart alarm management ecosystem. Whether managing an industrial facility, a smart building, or an IT infrastructure, this integration offers the tools you need to create a responsive, automated environment that enhances security and operational efficiency.

With evalink's high-performance TNA Connect V2 and the versatile capabilities of Node-RED, you have a future-proof gateway that allows you to bring in data from more systems than ever before. We constantly add more functionality and support you in connecting your systems in the best possible way.

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Thomas Gloor working in the evalink device Atelier

"We’re thrilled to announce that TNA Connect V2 now supports Node-RED! Our goal is to integrate even more devices and protocols while enjoying the robust performance and user-friendly interface of TNA Connect V2. With Node-RED on the TNA Connect V2, we're one big step forward on our journey towards a fully connected ecosystem."

Thomas Gloor
Product Owner, evalink devices

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