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Manage alarms from Honeywell devices in evalink
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❤️ We’re excited to introduce a seamless integration with a range of Honeywell security devices into evalink! 💙

This integration allows users to connect Honeywell devices to the evalink workflows and enjoy smart, unified alarm management.

Users can now receive and manage alarms from the compatible Honeywell security devices:

  • Honeywell’s Galaxy Flex 
  • Galaxy Dimension 

Streamlined connectivity and unified alarm management

Integrating Honeywell devices into evalink is designed to provide users with a streamlined connectivity experience. Users can effortlessly connect their Honeywell devices by leveraging the Virtual Galaxy and ISOM Receivers built-in evalink. This simplified setup process ensures rapid and hassle-free integration without the need for hardware or IT developments. Users to quickly bring their Honeywell devices online and start managing alarms in a flash. 

Seize control and maximize efficiency

With the integration of Honeywell devices into the evalink cloud-based platform, users gain a centralized control hub for receiving alarms, eliminating the need for multiple systems. evalink's unified dashboard provides users with an improved data set, consolidating information from Honeywell devices for better alarm verification and decision-making.  

The evalink's ability to connect with external services allows for seamless integration with third-party teams, facilitating a rapid and coordinated response to alarms. This centralized approach saves users time, maximizes efficiency, and empowers them to promptly and effectively respond to any alarm situation, all within a future-proof alarm management solution. 

Unlock new business opportunities

Honeywell integration opens doors to a broader range of options and possibilities, allowing users to enhance their services and provide a more comprehensive solution to their customers. With the Honeywell integration, evalink users can diversify their product portfolio and cater to a broader spectrum of needs, further solidifying their position as a one-stop destination for smart alarm management. The expansion of the product offering empowers users to stay ahead in the market, attract new clientele, and deliver even greater value to their customers.

About Honeywell

Honeywell Commercial Security is a leading global provider of detection systems and related software, including intrusion, access control, video surveillance, and alarm verification for buildings and infrastructure. The Honeywell solution brings security professionals and end-users a powerful, integrated intruder and access control solution featuring visual alarm verification.

Discover Honeywell for evalink

Head over to the evalink marketplace and connect Honeywell to the evalink smart alarm management platform.

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