SECONTEC now automates 75% of incoming alarms

Better alarm management with integrated video analytics to release pressure on operators during peak times.

Due to the many influences in outdoor areas, video surveillance is a complex task. The operator team must handle too many false alarms and messages daily, which in the past led to a high workload for the employees during peak times.


SECONTEC is the German market leader for innovative security solutions, developing and installing innovative security systems for automotive, industry, logistics, retail, and many other industries. Thanks to modern camera technology, intelligent software, and remote monitoring, the SECONTEC video alarm system, the company creates an entirely new level of security for its customers' properties and valuable objects. Its technology is significantly cheaper, faster, and more effective than any conventional security guard on the customer's premises.

Core Business

Highest efficiency and reliability of alarm management through AI-supported video processing with NXG GENESIS and evalink.

NXGEN Technology is dedicated to making video alarm processing safe and easy for operators. A high degree of automation and state-of-the-art technologies play a vital role in this vision. Video solutions are connected via open standards or API integration to support all common manufacturers. The NXG GENESIS platform is wholly manufacturer-independent.

NXG GENESIS convinces by its innovative approach. Actively learning artificial intelligence and smart video analysis procedures ensures a continuous increase in active false alarm filtering over time. The learning algorithm constantly improves automatic object recognition and categorization, securely filters non-relevant messages (e.g., insects, rain or snow, light reflections), and reliably sorts the events. The system becomes more efficient day by day, layer by layer. This results in an optimal prioritization of the actual events to be processed by the operator team. The alarm management platform evalink perfectly rounds off the solution with automated procedures, clearly defined processes, and digitalized documentation.

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“Every alarm message requires the full attention of our operators. Now they can focus on real alarms and much more efficiently protect the objects and values of our customers. Thanks to the high degree of automation and digitalization of our processes, this innovative solution opens completely new growth prospects, as we can secure many more objects with the same number of staff in the control center.”

Romuald Kowalik
Founder & Managing Director at SECONTEC

Technology that helped SECONTEC reach its goals

Automated workflows

The powerful automated workflow engine from evalink directs operators to respond to the most critical alarms, optimize response to events, and increase site safety.

Digitized documentation

SECONTEC has improved its communication between operators, clients, and third parties with evalink real-time data visualization and sharing.

Video analytics

SECONTEC increased its alarm handling efficiency, and operators can focus on their core tasks with AI-based video analysis procedures and constant active false alarm filtering.

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75% automated alarms

Incoming alarms now close reliably without SECONTEC operator intervention— a welcome relief for the team, which can focus on the real, qualified alarms

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New horizons, same staff

evalink brings SECONTEC completely new growth prospects, as the operators can secure many more objects with the same number of staff in the control center.

Frequent integrations
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After the shortest time, more than 75% of the incoming alarms could be closed reliably without operator intervention. There were no dangerous situations or redundant events—a welcome relief for the team, which can focus on the real, qualified alarms. After the successful test phase, all objects that SECONTEC monitors for its customers will be successively connected to the future-oriented platform. This means that nothing stands in the way of the company continuing its successful development as a technology leader in the future.

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