CURA Security now centralizes 100% of incoming alarms

Better alarm management to improve communication and service quality across Germany.


CURA Security GmbH, a Dutch business, has continuously grown since its foundation in 2007 by Benno Koekkoek, its managing partner. As the lifespan of its hardware has always been a significant concern for CURA, it was time to take the next step towards modernizing its alarm management system with evalink to improve the customer's sense of security.

About CURA Security

CURA Security is a cross-border security company operating in Germany and the Netherlands, whose volume of orders has been ever-growing. Consequently, this has opened new technological requirements which need to be met, considering CURA's increasingly diversified field of activities. For keeping happy customers and successfully acquiring new ones, technology and service improvements and the employee education and training associated with it have always been top priorities for CURA.

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Smooth migration and easy integration with legacy systems

"The possibilities that evalink offers are very flexible for us at the moment," says Benno Koekkoek. As evalink connects new technology with legacy systems, businesses like CURA essentially profit from a system upgrade at almost no cost without migrating everything.

CURA Security has delivered its services from multiple decentralized systems for many years. Since many systems do not communicate well, many problems are inevitable. Not so with evalink, which brings them all together.

Now that CURA has caught fire from all the opportunities that are opening in front of it as the migration progresses, CURA will be leveraging evalink's Brivo integration as well: Adding this access control functionality to the evalink alarm management platform allows doors to be locked and unlocked with just a few clicks from anywhere. "Due to the great possibilities evalink offers us with the platform, we are trying to integrate many other security systems, such as the guard control system, which will facilitate our workflows," confirms CURA's Director Koekkoek.

Unlimited storage capabilities are made possible with the cloud

By migrating its operations to the cloud, CURA has now successfully taken the next step towards a more modern alarm management solution that is not dependent on hardware.

Curing CURA's worries about the reliability and longevity of hardware, evalink talos is designed to support many customers safely and securely with enough flexibility and scalability to promote their growth. As a cloud-based model fully compliant with the highest standards in the alarm industry (EN, VdS, ISO), evalink ensures that CURA's data is always safely stored and offers more reliability and security than classical on-premises solutions.

"In the back of our minds, we were always worried about what would happen if our hardware failed one day. We even thought about having a second set of hardware on-site, which would step in as a replacement. But if we're honest with ourselves, this was never a reasonable solution," says Benno Koekkoek, managing partner of CURA Security. The search for a competent partner to help CURA step up its technology game to an automated alarm management solution eventually led to evalink.

Technology that helped CURA Security reach their goals

Could-based technology

The cloud-based certified model brought by evalink brings a more modern alarm management solution that is not dependent on hardware and is more reliable than on-premises solutions.


evalink created a cohesive and coordinated access control system that is more reliable, scalable, and adaptable to changing needs and requirements.

Automated workflows

Reducing the workload on operators and improving the efficiency of CURA Security alarm management, ultimately helping to improve safety and mitigate risks across their operations.

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Centralized operations

evalink brought CURA Security security operations into a single, unified system that improves improve efficiency, reduces the risk of errors, and provides a single point of control for monitoring and responding to alarms.

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Limited investment

The evalink powerful integration technology allowed CURA Security to connect legacy systems to automation without a sweat.

Frequent integrations
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Alarm management from anywhere

Currently, CURA is enthusiastically migrating its systems to the cloud. Supported by professional onboarding offered by evalink's obliging customer success team and technology experts, CURA will thus be able to run its operations and manage alarms in no time, from anywhere, the easy way. And the future looks promising: "As we are very well positioned, we hope for the future that our processes will become simpler and more transparent," says Koekkoek. And CURA's hungry for more: "We will be able to accompany our services, such as video surveillance or access control, through the evalink platform."

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