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How PLANPROTECT transformed its operations with evalink

Over the past seven years, PLANPROTECT's innovative approach to monitoring alarms and advanced technology has attracted over 4,000 customers. Recognizing the growing necessity for cloud solutions in security technology, PLANPROTECT decided to advance its capabilities further by partnering with evalink.


PLANPROTECT specializes in real-time monitoring of businesses from break-ins, robberies, and vandalism around the clock, 365 days a year. Its success is based on in-depth knowledge of the security industry and the highest quality standards.

Core Business

Addressing challenges and setting goals

With a robust business model relying on quick responses to security alerts, PLANPROTECT needed a scalable and integrative solution to support its growth. Their primary objectives were to manage increasing alarm volumes efficiently, ensure system scalability, and seamlessly integrate diverse security technologies. 

The role of evalink's cloud solution

evalink provided a cloud-based platform that allowed for dynamic scalability and robust integration capabilities. This transition was pivotal for PLANPROTECT, enabling them to handle a growing number of customers and alarms without the need for constant system upgrades or expansions. 

Technological integration: Vanderbilt SPC & FlexC Protocol

A critical aspect of this transformation was the integration of the Vanderbilt SPC intrusion detection systems, utilizing the FlexC protocol. This proprietary protocol, combined with real-time monitoring and alarm verification, allowed for seamless and stable alarm transmission across PLANPROTECT’s operations. This integration represents a leap forward in security technology, providing reliable and swift responses through evalink’s interface. 

Achieving certifications and compliance 

Under the guidance of Sven Peine, Managing Director at PLANPROTECT, the company transitioned to a cloud-based model and achieved significant certifications. “Through precise pre-planning and good and smooth cooperation, we succeeded in having PLANPROTECT Service GmbH certified as a cloud-based emergency call and service center, the first control center in Germany," explained Peine. This VdS certification was a testament to their commitment to upholding the highest standards in security operations. 

Impact on PLANPROTECT’s operations

The switch to evalink’s cloud-based system marked improvements in service efficiency and customer interaction. Peine noted, “The daily handling of Evalink is effortless and completely trouble-free. Employees appreciate the appealing Evalink interface, which offers all relevant information at a glance in a uniform view in the web browser.” This ease of use and high-quality interaction have made working with Evalink more relaxed and effective. 

A model for future-proof security 

evalink’s solution has positioned PLANPROTECT as a pioneer in cloud-based security, capable of effortlessly scaling operations and integrating advanced technologies. This partnership has supported PLANPROTECT's rapid growth and enhanced its ability to deliver exceptional service, setting a new standard in the security industry. PLANPROTECT’s foundation with evalink ensures they are well-equipped to adapt to new challenges and opportunities in the security landscape as they look to the future. 

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"Managing evalink daily is effortless and completely trouble-free. Employees appreciate the appealing evalink interface, which offers all relevant information at a glance and is uniformly viewed in the web browser. Working with evalink is, therefore, more relaxed and of higher quality."

Swen Peine
Managing Director at PLANPROTECT

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