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As an installer company with various hardware and software providers for fire detection and mandatory alarm systems, siworks always aims to select and assemble the most convenient and best-suited product for the customer. To be able to do this, it is essential to be in a position to rely on a certified solution when dealing with the protection of lives and assets.

About siworks

siworks AG, based in Schindellegi in the canton of Schwyz, has many years of experience with its young team of 35 professionals specialized in real estate and construction and product assembly. siworks combines its know-how with that of major security companies and successfully designs and implements fire alarm systems for architects, builders, planners, and highway tunnels for FEDRO. siworks has been active in the field of fire protection systems since 2010 and develops, among other things, IoT solutions under the Orkanet brand.

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Given the small number of suppliers in certified transmission technology, siworks is constantly looking for the best solution for its customers. This can vary from the best possible service package to the best price feasible and should provide added value for the installer company and its customers. The goal of siworks is to compile the best possible service package for its customers, who are increasingly looking for a solution that integrates seamlessly with their existing systems.


siworks' decision to work with Sitasys' evalink was based on reasons such as the desire for flexibility in system selection. Getting in early on the modernization process that is currently shaking up the alarm industry to gain market advantages was also a key reason for siworks to choose evalink.

"evalink fits well with siworks because it is easy to use and always available," says Patrick Beeler, Team Leader of siworks. "You can order and register the equipment with minimal administrative hassle, and you're not dependent on opening and office hours or clerks to do things for you."

Also, the experience siworks made during the project implementation phase were consistently positive. "After a device and platform training at Sitasys, you already very well find your way around. We had detailed prior knowledge of this technology, so it was even easier for us to handle everything. But even if something didn't work or couldn't be found right away, the support or contact persons were always ready to help," says Patrik Beeler.

As an explicitly installer-centric platform, evalink adds more transparency over the current device statuses and customer data, as well as the quality and costs of siworks' connections. With evalink, siworks can now view contracts and automatically notify clients of changes. siworks is also successfully using evalink for initial clarifications in the event of malfunctions affecting fire alarm systems. 

Solving customer's need for a system that offers a high degree of integrity, evalink provides the unique ability to connect multiple devices and systems by supporting the most common alarm industry-standard protocols including VdS 2465, FlexC, SIA DC-09, Chiron/IRIS, and many more.

Technology that helped siworks reach their goals

Remote maintenance

siworks installers now easily connect their remote maintenance modules to the Internet without our customers having to provide a second network connection with the evalink ipTNA4i device.

Centralized communication

evalink created a cohesive and coordinated access control system that is more reliable, scalable, and adaptable to changing needs and requirements.


evalink is certified by the cantonal building insurance for the direct connection of properties to public monitoring stations (fire and police). siworks operations don't need to depend on only one provider in the area of certified transmission technology anymore.

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Simplified daily tasks

The evalink automated processes, high availability, and easy-to-use platform help siworks installers spend more time with their clients.

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siworks offers customers a flexible alternative and secure savings, which improves its competitiveness in the market.



Today, siworks uses evalink for self-guided commissioning and hands-free alarm transmission testing for fire and high-risk alarms. In particular, evalink helps siworks order and register devices: As the all-in-one platform built for installers' specific needs comes with a high degree of automation and intelligence, devices can be ordered and registered easily and without a great deal of administrative effort. Therefore, the cumbersome filling out of lists that must be sent manually is now a thing of the past for siworks, thanks to evalink. That way, installers can spend less time on administrative tasks and have more time for customers instead. 

"In particular, we have already saved a lot of time during the registration and commissioning processes, as the possible alarm control centers, especially Protectas, are also very easy-going and helpful," says Patrick Beeler. 

Since the evalink platform is certified by the cantonal building insurance for the direct connection of properties to public monitoring stations such as the fire department or the police, the inclusion of evalink in operation meant the end of dependence on only one provider in the area of certified transmission technology for siworks.

"With the evalink platform, we as installers have easy and clear access to view all end devices at any time. This allows us to offer better support to our end customers at a more attractive price than other providers." Patrik Beeler, Team Leader siworks AG.

Remote maintenance via ipTNA4i 

Since the ipTNA4i transmission device has a switch function, a remote maintenance module can be connected via this without having to lay a second network connection.

"With the ipTNA4i, we can easily connect our remote maintenance modules to the Internet without our customers having to provide a second network connection. This makes it easy and inexpensive to re-integrate or retrofit a module." Patrik Beeler, Team Leader siworks AG.

Demonstrable cost-savings

By working with Sitasys, siworks can offer its customers a flexible alternative and secure savings with evalink. This has an overall positive effect on the competitiveness of siworks. 

For all these reasons, siworks confirmed to us that they would recommend evalink "(...) because they are competent and supportive, and offer attractive prices on top of that. Especially package deals (only one partner for transmission and alarm center) are requested by our customers, which Sitasys now also offers", says Patrick Beeler. 

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