Master Lock

The Master Lock integration automates on-site interventions of Baviloc guards.

The Master Lock integration automates on-site interventions of Baviloc guards without the need to manage physical keys or involve operators. Operators view incoming alarms, video and listen to audio files within evalink, and follow the Baviloc intervention in real time without manual work involved. Integrated into evalink smart workflows, the Master Lock integration dematerializes critical access to allow quicker on-site interventions and resolutions of events. 

About Master Lock

Master Lock has been a security specialist since 1921 and is changing how companies manage their accesses with Master Lock Vault Enterprise. Their new software, combined with Bluetooth security solutions, provides a convenient way for professionals to manage access, protect assets, and effectively secure their sites. Master Lock Vault Enterprise reduces the cost, risk, and complexity of managing access control.

About Bavitech

Bavitech Systems develops innovative telecommunication, security, networks, and electricity technologies. Its experienced team carefully studies and implements projects according to its client’s needs. 

  • Access Control
  • Key Management System


On Master Lock side:

  • Master Lock device(s)
  • Master Lock account
  • Master Lock mobile app
  • Baviloc account for guarding services

On evalink side:

  • evalink subscription