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The PromiseQ integration allows you to automate alarm filtering in evalink with AI.

PromiseQ reliably enhances alarm filtering triggered by Ajax MotionCam’s burglar detection system. Seamlessly integrated into evalink automated workflows, PromiseQ’s AI technology and self-learning model help security professionals to improve security efficiency by reducing up to 95% of false alarms.

  • Enhanced accuracy of alarm verification
  • Increased security by focusing only on real threats and critical tasks
  • Improved customer satisfaction and overall service quality

The PromiseQ integration for evalink only filters alarms triggered by the Ajax MotionCam system in Ajax Hub. Other security devices or systems may not be compatible or supported by this integration.

About PromiseQ

PromiseQ is a cutting-edge startup based in Berlin that provides intelligent security solutions to security professionals. Their flagship product, Threat Detect, is a unique security system that combines artificial intelligence with real-time human verification to eliminate up to 95% of false alarms generated by CCTV cameras.

Login to the PromiseQ platform or read their instruction sheets.

  • Alarm Filtering
  • Artificial Intelligence


On PromiseQ and Ajax sides:

  • PromiseQ account
  • Ajax MotionCam sensor and Ajax Hub

On evalink side:

  • evalink subscription