The SafeTracker integration allows you to manage alarms, events and notifications of SafeTracker devices from evalink.

The SafeTracker integration allows you to manage alarms, events, and notifications received by the SafeTracker platform within your evalink account. SafeTracker supplies a platform, devices, and connectivity for tracking and tracing objects and people. The platform receives notifications and events such as personal alarms, geofencing alarms, and alerts such as device power down or low battery.

About SafeTracker

With the Track & Trace solutions from SafeTracker, your organization is the extension of the mobile safety of your staff and your clients. SafeTracker takes care of your lone workers' safety, people, and asset tracking, for example, at a hospital, care facility, or on an industrial site, outdoors and on the road. The platform offers the necessary robustness to receive notifications from many devices. This makes the SafeTracker platform a suitable solution for many applications in various environments.

  • Tracking
  • Remote monitoring
  • Partner API


On SafeTracker side:

  • SafeTracker account
  • SafeTracker device(s)
  • SaveTracker subscription

On evalink side:

  • evalink subscription