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The SequriX integration for evalink helps you locate security officers in real time and send alarms directly to their app..

This integration relies on Webhooks integration. The SequriX Hub platform also enables security companies to outsource (international) work to each other. The platform is the linchpin between control rooms, security officers, and intermediaries and brings together supply and demand for security jobs.

About SequriX

SequriX is the online guard control system (online WKS) for private security companies that allows them to digitize alarm responses and mobile- and manned guarding services. Within our SequriX App, you can see your shifts and tasks, manage control tours and checkpoint scans (NFC), make photos, and enter findings, assuring your customers of high-quality service and professional reports. Alarms can be entered manually and received via our Alarm API from evalink or other providers. This allows you to increase your productivity by an enormous amount. The invoices are also easily exported to your accounting system. Retyping invoices or reports will be a thing of the past.

  • Tracking
  • Maps
  • Perimeter Protection


On SequriX side:

  • SequriX account

On evalink side:

  • evalink subscription
  • Webhook integration