Verismo DEMiOS

Enable process-based management in the event of a crisis.

  • Structure: DEMiOS is a control tool that assists the crisis unit in its methodological work. It helps allocate responsibilities, competencies, and tasks and, therefore, structures the crisis unit’s work. This allows the crisis unit to develop solutions systematically and efficiently and to act immediately.
  • Visualization: The Crisis Information System (CIS) is a visualization option allowing a clear overview of the situation and pending tasks in real-time. It helps management to stay on top of any changes to the situation and overdue tasks.
  • Alarm and Information: With DEMiOS, team members relevant to the event can be notified by email or text message. Through the connection to evalink, DEMiOS can notify all (predefined) crisis unit members and other relevant parties during an emergency.
  • Communication and Document Sharing: DEMiOS facilitates communication between the crisis unit members and other relevant parties in a secure way. DEMiOS also offers the possibility to upload files such as protocols, photos, etc., and store them safely. Based on predefined access rights, these documents are always available to the member of the crisis unit.

About Verismo

Verismo GmbH is a consulting company operating throughout Europe, specializing in holistic Risk Management, Security Management, Business Continuity Management (BCM), Crisis Management, Crisis Communication, and Information Security and Data Protection. Verismo GmbH has a multidisciplinary team of experts with many years of professional and consulting experience in the IT sector, insurance business, industry, and management consulting.

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