Enable videopicture streams and perform AI-based alarm verification via Videofied.

This integration relies on the Generic Frontel GI Receiver integration. The Videofied integration offers video alarm security capabilities from Videofied devices. The integration allows users to receive automatic alarms with short video clips and perform alarm verification via operators or AI-based evalink.

Resideo is an international pioneer in video alarm security. They provide a complete product line of video alarm systems designed to make any installation successful and any site secure by communicating entirely over a cellular or Ethernet (IP) and running on batteries. Their products are an excellent solution for sites with no main power, e.g., temporary sites, void properties, construction sites, etc.

  • A wide range of software services and additional options via smartphone apps
  • Video verification capabilities and cost efficiency
  • A wide range of products for varied applications

About Videofied

Videofied is a complete security system with all the devices and accessories needed to make any installation successful and any site secure.

  • Video Management Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence


On evalink side:

  • evalink subscription
  • Generic Frontel GI Receiver integration
  • Set up a dedicated Stunnel connection