Virtual VdS Receiver

Receive and manage alarms from VdS SecurIP and VdS 2465 panels.

The Virtual VdS Receiver supports the VdS 2465 protocol and the recently announced VdS SecurIP protocol.

VdS 2465 is a generally simple protocol with no phase for encryption key exchange, no configuration exchange, and the same static key at the core of its operation. For VdS 2465, the setup process is simple as it only includes transferring the static key securely to an end device.

For SecurIP, the setup process is different and simplified: An initial master encryption key is used for the actual key exchange of the protocol.

  • Ready for the next VdS certification compliance requirements
  • Support for bi-directional communication
  • The Virtual VdS Receiver supports the SecurIP protocol in a highly available manner and can scale correctly in thousands of connections.

About evalink

evalink is an automated and integrated alarm management platform built with efficiency and scalability in mind. evalink simplifies alarm management by enabling security professionals to create smart workflows and connect everyday security systems like alarm panels, guarding services, access control devices, and more – all from a browser only.

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