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Trigger alarms and monitor devices via incoming Webhooks.

The Webhook integration triggers alarms, events, and workflows in evalink, via the HTTPS protocol from external web systems – without creating new infrastructure. With Webhooks, you can register a URL where the event data can be stored in JSON or XML formats.

The Webhook integration lets you connect complex external web systems, such as IoT platforms or tracking devices through IFTTT or Zapier, with minimal effort. Webhook only requires a browser, a device, or a platform to access the web.

Additionally, Webhooks give 3rd party software the ability to interact with evalink talos in a loosely coupled manner without the need to perform specific API calls.

  • Simple integration without coding, protocols, or devices
  • Trigger alarms, workflows, and actions within evalink with a simple HTTPS call-back

About evalink

evalink is an automated and integrated alarm management platform built with efficiency and scalability in mind. evalink simplifies alarm management by enabling security professionals to create smart workflows and connect your everyday security systems like alarm panels, guarding services, access control devices, and more – all from a browser only.

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  • IoT


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