protection unit and evalink customer story

Protection UNIT enhances operational efficiency and systems compatibility with evalink

Protection UNIT leveraged evalink's robust alarm management solutions to enhance operational efficiency and ensure seamless compatibility across its diverse security service offerings.


As a provider of high-value, personalized security services, Protection UNIT needed a solution to enhance operational efficiency without compromising service quality. This led them to choose evalink, known for its robust alarm management solutions, efficient maintenance, cost-effectiveness, and excellent service compatibility. 


Protection UNIT, the third-largest security company in Belgium, specializes in personalized, high-value security services. The company's diverse portfolio of over 1,000 clients excels in securing major events, airports, institutional environments, and embassies. It boasts extensive services, including a monitoring center, a dedicated academy, drone surveillance, cybersecurity, the largest private explosive detection canine team in Belgium, and an armed missions department. These clients rely on Protection UNIT for comprehensive security solutions that meet the rigorous demands of their diverse settings.

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Initial challenges: Overcoming compatibility hurdles 

Protection UNIT faced significant challenges with alarm system compatibility and efficient management. The complexity of managing multiple alarm systems led to increased response times and maintenance demands, affecting the company’s overall service quality. Protection UNIT needed a security service compatible with various alarm servers across different client installations and offered efficient maintenance and troubleshooting services.  

Bridging gaps by streamlining operations 

With evalink, Protection UNIT found the ideal "bridge" solution that facilitated compatibility between client-specific alarm systems and their alarm management system. This integration was crucial for maintaining seamless security operations. evalink was instrumental in resolving existing compatibility issues, thus significantly improving service delivery to clients. 

Tailored security Customized technology integration for Protection UNIT 

evalink closely collaborated with Protection UNIT to tailor solutions seamlessly integrated with specific alarm systems used by their high-profile clients, such as Paradox, Chiron, and DSC. This step was crucial to ensuring compatibility and maintaining operational integrity across diverse sectors. 

Enhanced, simplified, efficient security management  

evalink provided a unified alarm management platform that streamlined the monitoring and management processes. Protection UNIT utilizes evalink to create client profiles and facilitate the transfer of alarms to its alarm management system. This process has become a foundational aspect of their operational procedures, ensuring a streamlined experience for the company and its clients. 

The collaboration with evalink has resulted in: 

Enhanced compatibility: Integration with various alarm servers has improved communication and operational harmony with partners. Protection UNIT solved compatibility issues and strengthened its ability to serve its clients optimally. 

Simplified tracking and maintenance: The maintenance and setup of alarm servers have been streamlined, allowing for easier management and less downtime. 

Operational efficiency: The overall management of alarm systems has improved Protection UNIT’s reliability and service quality. The partnership significantly simplified alarm system setup, tracking, and maintenance, notably at locations with complex security needs. This improvement allowed Protection UNIT to allocate more resources to proactive security management and strategic planning. 

Higher service offering: evalink’s cost-effective solutions enabled Protection UNIT to upgrade its technology without exceeding its financial constraints, ensuring a sustainable quality enhancement in its service offerings. 

A partnership in security: Protection UNIT's success story with evalink 

Protection UNIT was initially surprised by the rapid and effective solutions delivered by evalink. This positive experience reinforced their confidence in evalink's capabilities and affirmed the value of their partnership.  

Collaborating with evalink has transformed Protection UNIT's security operations, delivering a dependable, efficient, and fully compatible alarm management system. The improvements in operational efficiency and system compatibility solidified Protection UNIT’s reputation as a reliable and forward-thinking security provider. 

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