Virtual Vanderbilt SPC Receiver
Last updated on August 1, 2021
This Service Description makes an integral part of our EVALINK Agreement.

1. Features & Capabilities

The Virtual Vanderbilt SPC Receiver Service manages and monitors incoming connections from compatible Vanderbilt SPC alarm panels. It retrieves alarm- and technical messages coming from compatible Vanderbilt SPC alarm panels as well as audio/video data. It supports sending downstream commands to compatible Vanderbilt SPC alarm panels.

  • Manage and monitor connections from Vanderbilt SPC alarm panels
  • Receiving alarm- and technical message from SPC alarm panels
  • Retrieving audio/video data from SPC panels
  • Send downstream commands to SPC panels
  • Stream downstream audio data to SPC panels
  • Detect configuration problems of SPC panels.

The connectivity between the Vanderbilt SPC alarm panel and the Virtual Vanderbilt SPC Receiver is under the responsibility of the Customer.

2. Billing

The Service is billed by the hour when its status is active. Each hour started is due. The bill for the previous month is finalized at the beginning of each new month. Shortly after, the bill is charged to your selected payment method.

3. Definitions

"Flex-C" Flexible Secure Communications Protocol (FlexC) is an IP based communication protocol for Vanderbilt SPC panels

"SPC Panel" Intrusion detection controller that retrieves signals from different intrusion sensors to create alarm and technical messages.