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Canton of Zug enhances client experience with evalink installer portal


Shaping the face of the Canton Zug and, thus, the living conditions of its residents through its work, Zug's building construction department every day contributes to an appealing, livable Canton that seeks to provide good living conditions for its inhabitants. Since assuring the security of the residents and employees of the Cantonal Administration plays an essential role in this process, the Canton of Zug brought a reliable and efficient security partner on board with evalink by Sitasys AG about two years ago - and has not regretted this decision since. On the contrary, since going full-on evalink, the installer team of Zug's building construction department has happily done every installation with the evalink ipTNA4i devices and evalink installer portal. Wonder why? Keep reading. 


With the devices, it used before the evalink ipTNA4is, the Canton of Zug's building construction office had few opportunities to view the inputs of its transmission devices. 

It also had no big-picture view of which devices were on and offline. In addition, registering and adjusting the device criteria proved to be extremely tedious and time-consuming. What further complicated the situation is that the building construction office, like many government authorities and installers, was challenged to successfully convert all of its equipment from 2G to 4G.


With the evalink installer portal, the Canton of Zug's building construction department uses tools that allow installers to set up new sites, order devices, and retrieve resources from anywhere for secure and reliable alarm transmission via the ipTNA4i. The alarms go to the Zug police department's public control center or Bouygues' private monitoring center.

"The platform is straightforward to use. Registrations and customizations are very easy to create. It is simply fun to work with the platform", says Mike Schuler.

During the phase of implementing evalink, the problems faced by the Security Technology of the Canton of Zug's building construction department were solved quickly by evalink's attentive technical and customer support team. 

"The evalink installer portal is affordable and reliable with high system transparency. The system runs perfectly. We have lower costs, spare devices in stock, a better overview, and more information that we can access faster."

Mike Schuler - Project Leader, Security Technology Department, Canton of Zug

About Canton of Zug

The building construction office of the Canton of Zug is responsible for various public cantonal buildings and built-up real estate, such as the Zug police, the cantonal penal institution, courthouse, administrative buildings, educational centers, trade schools, parking garages, libraries, and hospitals. Zug's building construction office is certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard to ensure the best quality of services.  

In its day-to-day work, the building construction office is responsible for planning and constructing new buildings, renting, operating, managing properties, and maintaining the value of cantonal buildings. Of course, having security systems in place to protect them from fire, intrusion, flood, robbery, or vandalism is a top concern for the Canton of Zug. Mike Schuler, Project Leader of the Security Technology Department of Zug's building construction office, is responsible for installing the alarm panels at the various sites of 2,500 employees of the cantonal administration.  

Business Type

Digital and ecosystem compatibility 

The Zug structural engineering office now relies on the evalink installer portal for many reasons, among them its web compatibility, which gives installers an easy and quick way to connect new sites in a few clicks. The evalink installer portal guides installers through all real-time transmission tests, providing "hands-free testing." As it allows remote testing, the Security Technology of the Canton of Zug's building construction department can check the connection status of the devices commissioned on-site at any time. 

Regarding non-mandatory alarms received by the private control center Bouygues, Security Technology can proactively access and process directives and workflows directly in the evalink fully managed alarm management platform powered by Sitasys AG. As Bouygues itself uses evalink for its alarm management, the building construction office of Zug can now benefit from the entire ecosystem experience that evalink offers by deciding to go with the evalink installer portal and evalink devices: All of its components coherently integrate and interact with one another in the most comprehensive way so that businesses can easily combine them with the rest of their systems in place.

Independence and cost-savings 

Since the personnel of Security Technology is very tech-savvy, the commissioning of the TNAs and the handling of the evalink installer portal is very easy. Installer-friendly, the building construction office can perform the installations independently without relying on a third-party company or other external installers. Convinced of what certified alarm transmission devices of evalink are capable of, the building construction office was already using the TNAs as part of a service package by another provider. Since the purchase of the TNAs directly from Sitasys AG is considerably more cost-effective, the taxpayer of the Canton of Zug can now save a good third of the recurring costs.   


Going with the evalink installer portal and its devices offers much greater transparency to the Canton of Zug's installer team. Since the dual-path-capable evalink devices of the TNA series are constantly monitored, the Security Technology department can view the status of the devices live via evalink. They can also view the contracts, manage their customers and locations, order equipment, access various support options and resources, and automatically notify customers of changes.  

Better-informed and faster decisions 

With the evalink installer portal, Security Technology now has more insight into the status of each device and can effortlessly monitor device inputs. In addition to having more and better information available to base their own decisions and their decisions for their customers, the Zug building construction office can adjust its criteria as needed, act quicker, and connect more customers in less time. 

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